Thursday, 21 February 2013

6 of my Favourite YouTube Sewing Channels

I get a lot of sewing inspiration and help re. on Youtube.  Here are just a few of my favourite channels.  They're all not only great sewists, but are great at teaching the rest of us:

1.  Tree

Tree is in England and I love her enthusiastic, no nonsense style.  Here is her apron video which I used to make a bunch of aprons for friends and also to sell on Etsy:

Here is my version of Tree's apron:

I omitted the pocket because I didn't want to block the recipes.

I put them on Etsy but, of course, not 1 has sold. Really difficult to get going on Etsy until you get a following.  My instinct was to say "unless" but thought "until" sounded more optimistic, LOL.

Here's my Etsy apron link:

2.  Jenny

Jenny is a quilter who owns her own quilting shop.  I'm not a quilter (started it years ago and didn't have time for the time I know it would take up as it's obsessive ... one day) but love her videos as you can always get inspiration and advice from enthusiastic, creative people.  

3.  BeCraftsy

Not a person specifically, but a company that hires people to sell tutorials you buy on-line.  I just watch their videos as lots of short little tutorials on there that are helpful.

This one's great about how to get the perfect corner:

4.  Brian

This video of all the drafts of shirts he bought was boggling to me.  I simply don't have that type of patience, but sure admire it.  

5.  Niler

Love her videos as she's a great seamstress but is great at teaching us simpletons the trick of the trade.

6.  Vanessa

She's one of the instructors hired by Craftsy I believe, or one of those companies who sell tutorials.  Anyway, she must be a popular on-line sewist as seems to be given a lot of stuff to give away, etc.  She's one of my favourites, does excellent videos.

That's it for now, I really have to get back to work.  Sewing is just my hobby and I tend to waste too much time on it.

I'd love to hear about your favourite sewing Youtubers, Etsy Sellers, Bloggers, etc.


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