Friday, 13 September 2013

1st Sewing Club Meeting

We had our 1st Sewing Club Meeting tonight at Starbucks and I forgot to take a picture as there was a last minute rush to leave at the end as Corinne's husband arrived to pick her up and I had to pick my daughter up from work.

Anyway, we had a great time!!!!  There were just 3 of us and I don't know if a 4th could've gotten a word in edgewise as we chatted up a storm.

Carley, Corinne and I (will put their blogs/websites below) told our life stories then actually got around to talking about sewing also.  It's wonderful when you get together with people who share the same passion for your hobby.

If you live in Greater Vancouver and would like to join our little group please drop me a line ( and we'll have a chat.

Turns out I did take a picture afterall ... here we are :)


  1. Had a lovely morning reading your blog :-) You are a dedicated and talented stitcher/fabricholic! I would love to come to the sewing club, but Coquitlam can be hard for me to get to in the evenings. Are sporadic attendees and sewers still welcome?!! Nell Burns (from the Etsy meetup)

  2. Hi Nell ... yes of course you're welcome. Please send me your email and I'll add you to the list. I know Coquitlam is difficult but because attendance has been low over the holidays I've catered to us locals who turn up. I'm looking for a free venue in Burnaby, around Lougheed Mall near the skytrain which should be easier. But that won't be until March at the earliest.