Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Computer Bag from old Army Duffel Bag

My daughter's boyfriend told her he'd love it if I made him a computer bag for Xmas.  Perfect!  I went on the hunt for some fabric and lucked out.  I found 2 huge army duffel bags at Value Village.  They were filthy and even had a name and number on them so were obviously used and looked really old.  Washed them twice so they were all clean and ready to sew with.  

I love upcycling and this was a perfect project.  The pic below is the new bag beside the remaining duffel bag. The computer bag took me 8 hours to make as I don't have an industrial machine so had to hand crank a lot.  The computer bag took almost every bit of fabric from the other duffel bag which I was surprised at.  I'm obviously not good at eyeballing fabric as thought I could get 2 bags out of each duffel.  

Don't have any plans for the other duffel bag ... yet.     

I lined the inside with a pair of my daughter's old jeans.  Even unpicked some back pockets from another pair of her jeans to sew into the bag.  Told him he can carry her with him wherever he goes.  Was tempted to put some of my old pockets inside also so he could carry me around too but resisted. He wanted a bag with a flap but I also added a zipper panel so it would be more secure.  I made the strap extra wide and put several rows of stitching down it so it would be extra stable.  Hardest part was sewing the straps to the bag, machine was coughing and sputtering through same.  I make a lot of bags so often think I should bite the bullet and get an industrial straight stitch machine ... maybe one day.  

I'm happy to say he loves the bag and it really suits him.  Was probably my favourite sewing project of the year.    

Wish I liked taking pics as made a ton of stuff recently:  
- 10 walker bags for my Mom's care home
- dog coat for a friend's dog which I made out of an old skirt she gave me.  
- workout shorts for daughter using her old shorts to copy (best way to get a perfect fit)
- lots of tote bags for people
- hostess gifts galore
- Spiderman purse for a little girl
- etc.

All for now, Lisa

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