Thursday, 27 June 2013

Updated/Organized Sewing Room Tour

I deleted my previous tour as it was just too messy.  This doesn't look much better in pics but in person it's way better.  Moved most of those huge bolts into the corner of the closet so the ironing board has room now.

 This is my work table in the centre of the room.  On the end is a white dresser which holds all my fabric scraps and other odds and ends:

Brother XL-5500.  Bent it a bit when sewing bulky dog beds for shelters ... ugh.
Kenmore basic 4-thread serger/overlocker.  I had this same one in Australia and it had the name Janome on it ... exact same machine.
My "baby", got it about 8 months ago.  It's a Janome 6600.  Highly recommend it if you've got the space.  The only real drawback is it doesn't have a free arm but the Brother has one so don't miss it.
 These are my current sewing projects I'm working on:

The giant leather buttons on the left are one of my best all time finds.  The others are great too but just plastic so not quite as exciting.  Got them all at the Our Social Fabric sale for a great deal.  Haven't a clue what I'm going to do with them all yet but looking for sewing groups to join in Vancouver so assume we'd be sharing and trading stuff.  Anyone know of a social sewing group?  No Meetups for sewers unfortunately.

 Found these at a thrift store for $8, $8, and $4.  Used the eyelet trim on lots of baby dresses so far ... excellent stuff!!!  

 This is my favourite but tends to bunch up and look kinda messy.  Need to find the right project for it and will probably sew it all down so it doesn't look messy, not sure yet?
 This is the last dress I made using the eyelet trim.  The flower in the center has a crochet flower under the eyelet trim flower I made ... really pretty.  Added the yellow buttons and ribbon for a touch of colour, really happy with the way it turned out.  Going to put this on Etsy.  Boxes contain my "completed" projects:  gifts or items to sell.
Would love to see pictures of your sewing room also.


  1. Yay for fabulous sewing spaces!
    I found your blog after seeing that you'd favorited a little purse in my etsy shop (brown bag studio purses)... since I'm in Abbotsford, I thought I should stop in and say "Hi"... so Hi! Have a great day!

  2. Kimberly, you just won't believe this ... you are the reason I got back into sewing.

    I was just making gifts for family/friends until someone showed me a table runner they'd bought from you last Fall. They said, "You should be selling your stuff at markets like this woman does". Well, that never happened but I did check you out on-line, loved your stuff, then became obsessed with checking out everyone else on-line and got back into sewing big time. It all started with your table runner ... can you believe that?!

    I'm starting up a sewing group soon, mostly advanced sewers or those in the business. You'll probably know some of them, one is Tasia from Sewaholic Patterns. Will be a small group all sharing ideas and just having fun chatting about sewing. Would you be interested in being put on my list? The first meeting will be at my house in Coquitlam probably in a few weeks from now.

    Thanks for contacting me, and thanks for getting me back into sewing. That was one powerful table runner, LOL.