Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sewing Room Update ... AGAIN

I consider myself pretty good at organizing and cleaning.  My sewing room was like the ugly duckling of my home as always looked so cluttered.  So, today I went at my sewing room big time.  Gutted the whole thing and virtually started from scratch.

Biggest change was getting rid of the couch in there.  I had that there for when people would visit and sit and talk to me while I sewed.  Well, that never seemed to happen anyway, just became a spot to dump old afghans.  It's in the hall waiting for my son to move it down to the rec room.  Could only just get it out of the sewing room myself as it's a sofa bed and not light ... ugh.

Here are the updated pics:

 This tote bag is what I made for future sewing students as their project.  
 Put the curtains back up on the closet which is full of my huge rolls of fabric.  Made room on the floor there to unroll and cut out fabric, should work well.
 This is Ethel, she's very quiet.
 I moved my basic sewing machine from the end desk and put it in the middle desk so it's right in front of the window for students.  It's all cleaned, oiled and ready to go.  Really looking forward to teaching people how to sew.

Please check out my new Sewing Lessons Page.

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