Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Hoodies with Zippers

Made 3 hoodies.  I just can't have too many hoodies as wear them around the house, to the gym, under coats in Winter, etc.  

These separating zippers were a real find.  Got 105 of them free at a place that recycles textiles, etc.  Have been using them in bags, purses, jackets, etc.

I made the other "hoodies" with no hoods as thought they'd be cute.  Not cute and regret doing so.  See them below.

Here are the first 2 I made without hoods.  Have since added pockets to them all.  Frustrating not having somewhere to put my keys when out and about.  They're all really flattering on as are shaped in at the waist and slope down at the back.

I've had this pink fabric hanging around for ages, was nice to finally use it up.
 This is my favourite fabric as is a really fluffy grey.  Unfortunately it's pilling quite a big (thanks to the fluff) but I still really like it.  Bought the fabric at Fabricana but didn't buy enough for a hood or pockets.  The pockets I added were from old jeans the same colour and I really like the look.

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