Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Vegan Purse for daughter

Yes, we're vegan and don't mind advertising it once in awhile.  I made this bag specially for her to take to work.  She was working at GNC and they banned backpacks to prevent staff from stealing.  Yet you could carry a huge bag ??? go figure.  Anyway, she asked if I'd made a large bag for her to wear cross body that would hold all her school books so she could study at work during her breaks.  

I used 2 of those free zippers in this bag and made the strap extra wide.  I find that adding more top stitching down the strap helps to reinforce it.  Doing that to all my straps now.    

The strap is shorter than usual as she said it's easier to carry all that weight when it's up closer to her torso.  Hey, I just follow orders :).  

 Daughter on the treadmill in the background :).

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