Monday, 21 January 2013

Hanging Kitchen Towels

Sunday night and nothing to do.  I know ... I'll sew 12 hanging kitchen towels.

The above was my attempt at being artistic, not my strong point.  Anyway, they were a ton of fun to make and only took me about 3 hours which I think is pretty good for 12 towels!!!  I get pretty fussy with the little details like cutting every single speck of thread that's protruding, etc. but if you just want to whip up a couple for yourself you could probably do that in 30 minutes.

I found the brand new tea towels, in original store package, at thrift store for around $3.  But, us "sewists" know it's not about the price of the materials, but rather about the time.

I'll put these on Etsy and see if they sell.  Can also embroider name on top if requested.  If not, they'll be great to have around the house as last minute gifts, hostess gifts, etc.  Or, just to hang on my own cupboards.  Actually, they'd be a great little throw-in gift for men living on their own as they never seem to have tea towels "hanging" around ... sorry about the pun.

Oh yeah, I've made the tea towels with the fold over button style but decided to do something different and these ones hand over a knob or on a hook instead.

I've never done a sewing tutorial before, but if you'd like the pattern for the fabric strip across the top, I could try to add that to this blog.

Happy Sewing!!!


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