Friday, 25 January 2013

Made 3 more wallets.  Like them so much I'm keeping 1 of them.  Here's they are in Etsy plus pictures below:

This one I did a bit differently from the first in that I added stiff lining to both sides of the external part.  Was probably overkill as nasty to do the final top stitch around the entire wallet.  Have a great machine and was smart (this time, stupid last time) and bought some denim needles for this project.  What a difference those heavier needles make!!!

So Lisa, needles DO make a difference ... duh.  Funny how we just ignore certain things isn't it?!  With me it's needles.  I always thought it was overkill with all these needle variations.  Well, I now have a huge selection of various sizes as finally get it after about 40 years of sewing ... NEEDLES MATTER!!!

Here is the fabric haul I did in preparation to make a bunch of wallets or similar items, the bottom right in top pic is my favourite, hence the first I used for sewing, and for my own wallet:

This pattern is a mixture of several I found on the internet plus a few adjustments.  If you have patterns you'd like to share I'd love to see them as always looking for new ideas.


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