Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wallets (Son's & Daughter's)

I've just gotten back into sewing in a big way thanks to Etsy.  I've only sold 1 item (so far) but it's sort of made it okay to sew like a maniac because "it's in the name of a 2nd income, not just time and money wasting".  How was that for justifying, pretty good eh?!

After a decade or more of not being able to sew for my son, other than bedding, curtains, etc., he knew I was getting back into sewing so sent me a photo of a fabric wallet he liked the look of.  Well, I couldn't race up to my sewing room fast enough.  Found a pattern for the wallet he liked and had it whipped up that night.  Was tedious which isn't my strong point, but I'm learning.

Here's the wallet:

  It was killing me to not be able to embellish it with stitching, etc. but he made it clear it had to be plain.  Okay, so I didn't embellish the outside, but I used light thread so that at least there's be some definition inside to show the different pockets:
I looks a little crooked in this picture, but in person it lays flat and straight.  Anyway, he loves it which inspired me to make a wallet for my daughter.  Son gave her some Lush products which came wrapped up in this beautiful scarf.  We all loved the fabric so daughter asked if I could make her a wallet using that fabric.  I was stingy with it as worried I'd waste the fabric if the wallet bombed, so the inside's lined with another fabric.  She loves it like this and it turned out great.  Was obviously a lot more work than my son's but I felt like I could tackle hers after doing the simpler men's one.

Anyway, here's her wallet:

She liked this so much she asked if I could make a matching zipped pouch (no picture of that).  I still have enough fabric left over for 2 more wallets so posted this on my Etsy Store.  Didn't add my son's wallet on there as don't think it's attractive enough.  Looks better in person, didn't get very good pictures of it.

Patterns?  Hmmm, I don't really use them.  I search around on the internet for ideas and sometimes use tutorials but always change things around anyway.  I like my daughter's wallet so much that I'd like to make one for myself also but it's hard finding the time and I always prefer sewing for others anyway.

Would love to see your creations.  I'm looking for a good pattern for a women's wallet that folds in half but still has a zippered section and loads of card storage.  Found one I loved but when I searched for the like it said "Not Found" so obviously died a natural on-line death ... ugh.


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